Monday, July 18, 2016

Killion Family Vacay 2016: Day 1

Vacation 2016. Lots of compromise. Jason was going to India. Jason wasn't going to India. Jason was going to India. Jason wasn't going to India. Kyra wanted a beach. Kyle wanted somewhere not hot (also, no sharks.) I decided that Lake Michigan seemed like a great plan. We were going to do Mackinaw Island and the U. P. 
And then I thought about all of the driving.  We don't need to drive.  We need a break.  So, I decided to try to find a place in Door County where we could plant for a few days. By sheer luck, we were able to get into Little Sister Resort in Sister Bay, WI. (For the record, Elvis has been stuck in my head since I booked it a week ago.) 
Yay! Road trip! Six hours isn't bad, is it?
It was the longest six hour trip we've ever taken. To pass the time, we quizzed one another with Family Feud cards. I am terrible at Family Feud. 
Did you know that in Wisconsin, gas station food includes smoked salmon and trout? I didn't. 
We arrived around 4, checked in and walked down to look at the water.  It is beautiful. 

Little Sister has a lovely little area for enjoying the sun and the water. Jason and Kyle took the safe route and took out the paddle boat.  
Kyra and I took out the paddle boards.  I actually stood for about 5 seconds before I ended up in the water.  Don't you wish that someone other than me liked to take photos? 😉
Jason and Kyra worked together to paddle around in a kayak.

Then Kyle could not be outdone.  He decided to brave the slippery rocks and other unknowns of the water to try the paddle board.  I am so sorry to say that my camera battery was dead.  He was doing great, standing up, no problem, and then lost it spectacularly.  He lost his balance and the paddle board shot out behind him, ending up on shore.  It was good stuff.  After that, he and Kyra spent a good bit of time trying to knock one another off of the boards.  More to come tomorrow with a charged battery!
We had dinner at Fred and Fuzzy's right here on the resort.  We managed to get a front row seat to the sunset over Green Bay. Fun fact: the customers at Fred and Fuzzy's applaud the sunset.  It's tradition.
And now we are ready for bed.  With the windows open.  It's a beautiful night.  

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