Thursday, July 21, 2016

Day 4: still taking it easy

(Today's photos brought to you by the hipstamatic app and my little point and shoot) 
Woke up to some rain.  So much for watching the storm roll in...the storm got here in the morning, not the afternoon.  I stayed up until 1:00 last night finishing my book club book, plus we had the air conditioner and fans running, so I heard nothing. I sleep like the dead as it is. Kyle woke me up to say we should probably bring the towels and suits in from the deck. It was a little late. Oh well, a little water never hurt a towel. 
Had our homemade breakfast and then got cleaned up to drive south and check out Ephraim and Fish Creek. They are cute little towns. We did some shopping in Fish Creek (pronounced "crick" of course) and Kyra was more than happy to support the local economy. We stopped in a shop called "Oiler's" where you could buy all kinds of cooking oils. We sampled several balsamic vinaigrettes, but I settled on some Sriracha seasoning. 
We had lunch at Wilson's, a restaurant that's been open for over 100 years. 
The food was great, service friendly and it had a fun, old-fashioned feel. We sat on the porch with a flagstone floor that's at least 70 years old. 
They are famous for their ice cream.  Kyra got the peppermint and I had Mackinac Island fudge. Kyle graciously helped to finish what we couldn't. 
We came back and the skies had cleared so we wandered back down to the bay (after I took a 20- minute power nap. So. Much. Ice. Cream.)
The water was too choppy for me to attempt standing up on the paddle board. (Good excuse, huh?) But Jason and I floated like pros. 
We returned to Fred and Fuzzy's for one more sunset dinner. A schooner came into the bay and demonstrated some sort of cannon shot and scared the crap out of us. But it was pretty, so the crowd quickly forgave it. 
Our final sunset was beautiful. 

Kyra thinks I'm nuts, but I try to catch that last tiny sliver before it drops below the horizon. Not bad for the point and shoot!
And once again, everyone clapped. Yay Mother Nature!
We check out in the morning. Kyra is sad. Kyle is ready to head back to civilization. 
(I still feeling like I'm floating)

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