Friday, July 22, 2016

Day 5: Heading south

Not many people refer to Green Bay, Wisconsin as "south" but just to show how far north on the Door Peninsula we were, it was nearly a 90-minute drive to Green Bay.
Just as we have every morning, we had our homemade breakfast.  J and I had the hash brown casserole today, Kyra tried Swedish pancakes and Kyle got wild with bacon and white toast.  We then loaded up the car, said goodbye to Chalet A, our home for four days and checked out of Little Sister Resort.  I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't sad.  I could have toughed it out for a few more days. 
On the way to Green Bay, we stopped at Renard's Cheese shop.  I do take a bit of pleasure in torturing my children with anything touristy or educational.  I learned the difference between mild, medium and sharp cheddar while they stared at the walls because that's apparently more interesting.  We bought some cheeses (Hey! What else do you do in Wisconsin?) and headed on to Green Bay. 
What's the #1 thing to do in Green Bay? Visit Lambeau Field, of course.  Jason just kept muttering to himself, "It's a historic franchise.  This is football history." It was tough on him, as a Bears fan, but he sucked it up for the sake of being total tourists. 
That's Curly Lambeau.  He founded the Packers.
And that's Vince Lombardi.  He had some crazy success as the coach of the Packers.  Ask anyone around here.  They'll be happy to tell you how many World Championships the Packers have.  Repeatedly.  And they can't understand why you would cheer for any other team.  I got slight pass as as Steelers fan, but no one ever mentioned that Jason is a Bears fan.  We might have been run out of town.
We checked out the Packers store.  Holy crap, they have everything Packers: tshirts, sweatshirts, lawn statues, socks, purses, leather luggage, cutting boards, bedding, lip gloss, Pandora beads, cooking pots, even an Aaron Rodgers face:
(We didn't buy anything)
After that, we went across the street to Kroll's West for some lunch. 
Apparently a Man vs. Food episode was filmed there. We walked in and I looked at Jason and said, "This place is straight out of Goodfella's."
 Friendly service, good food, very 1960's decor, which is part of the charm.  Jason and Kyra decided to eat a little healthier, but Kyle and I each got a burger.  They put butter on their burgers.  I don't mean that they spread a little butter on the bun.  They butter it right up.  I'd like to say it was too much, but it wasn't.  It was awesome.
After a food coma nap, we thought about walking along the Fox River.  But it was 94°, so we decided to go the the new Star Trek movie instead.  The theater had real, honest-to-God, electric recliners.  It was nearly sold out and we were stuck in the second row. But who cares when you have your feet up and are leaning back with a bucket of popcorn and a gallon of Diet Pepsi?
Jason, Kyle and I liked the movie.  Kyra tolerated it. She's a good sport.
Must get to bed early. Driving to Milwaukee tomorrow to shop and go to the Brewers/Cubs game.  And hopefully not melt.  The dome was closed tonight and I think I am hoping it's closed tomorrow too, but what's a baseball game without freezing or sweating?  We sat through 37° for 8 innings one April at a White Sox game,  and sat through 102° in St. Louis one July.  We can handle whatever tomorrow brings. 

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