Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day 2: Mom knows best

Slept like babies and got up at 8:30 to have a homemade breakfast at the resort dining room.  It's a nice feature included in your fees.  After that, we wasted no time in getting down to the water.
Kyle and Jason took some time to try to catch some fish.  They had exactly one bite.  We will try again tomorrow.  
We took out almost all of the water crafts.  Kyle is a pro at standing up on the paddle board.  He even pushed himself way from the shore standing up. (Take a look at those white feet.  That will come into play later.)
Kyra was very scientific in her day.  30 minutes sunning on each side and then some time in the water. She paddle boarded, kayaked and floated a bit. 
Let me tell you, that water was cold.  I mean, it wasn't Titanic-cold, but it sure took your breath away when you jumped in.  Which I did, but again, there is no photographic evidence.  Your imagination will suffice: see me jumping gracefully in, surfacing, gasping for breath as my chest caved in on itself while simultaneously panicking because THERE IS STUFF IN THE WATER, like fish and plants. But once I was on the float, I was all cool and stuff.  I even made a friend.  She's a biology teacher too. She's from Milwaukee and she said to me, "Do I sound like I have an accent to you? Because you do to me." I thought to myself "We are the same person."  I have this accent conversation with people all of the time.  Anyway, I asked her what my Illinois accent sounded like the she said, "I don't know, kind of southern..."
Jason and I decided to take the double kayak out.  He told me to get in first and then he leapt into the kayak and then we both took a front of the all of the people at Fred and Fuzzy's Restaurant. (See the umbrellas in the photo below? That's Fred and Fuzzy's.) I appreciated their applause.  
After a few hours, we decided to head back to the Chalet for lunch and to get cleaned up.  We went into Sister Bay to wander around and have dinner.  Sister Bay is a cute little town.
We had dinner at Al Johnson's Swedish restaurant.  They have goats grazing on their sod roof.  For real.  You can even watch them online:

The decor and menu reminded me so much of my Gram Sapp, which makes sense 'cause she's Swedish and all.  The food was good.  I had Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes.  The gift store, or Butik, was the source of much entertainment for my family.  I can't take them anywhere. 
After dinner, we came back to Little Sister to watch the sunset again.  This time I took my good camera. 
It did not disappoint.  
See the sun being reflected off of the water? I watched it drop through the lens. It was pretty awesome. Here's the very last bit:
And just like last night, the crowd applauded.  
And about Kyle's feet? Sometimes kids don't listen to their parents and sometimes parents just have to let kids learn lessons.  Lessons like "put on some sunscreen."
Kyle now has hot pink feet and ankles.  

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