Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 3: More down time. So weird

Kyra got up early with Jason today to go fishing.  He caught one fish, a vast improvement over yesterday!
We had another delicious homemade breakfast and then spent some more time down by the water.  Kyle swore he wasn't going to after yesterday's sunburn, but we slathered his feet in sunscreen and toughed it out. His back was a little pink too.
Kyra stood up on the paddle board. I always feared that she inherited my less-than-average balance, but she does pretty well.
As for me, I'm still sticking with the sit-down version of paddle boarding. I really enjoy taking it out around the bay.  I can pick up some speed and there's very little chance of me landing in the water with the fish and stuff.  Maybe I'll try to stand up tomorrow. Or not.
Jason took the rowboat out for a trip around the bay and when he came back, decided to hop in the water. 
When he surfaced, it took him a minute before he was able to speak. The water is allegedly 70°. I don't know if I am buying that...
After naps by 3/4 of the family, we played mini golf, hit the local Piggly Wiggly and then had dinner at Northern Grill and Pizza. It was definitely a Killion-style restaurant.  Wings, pizza and beer, friendly service and trivial pursuit cards at your table for entertainment. We'd recommend it.  Jason and I had the white pizza with sausage, per our waitress' recommendation.  
We rounded out the day with a sunset boat ride.  We learned some interesting things about the bay, including educational tidbits that I won't bore you with. My favorite story (that I'm still not sure is true) is that our First Mate's dad lost his Harley Knuckehead through the ice years ago and it's still at the bottom, along with a Model T. 
The shoreline is beautiful! 
Kyle got to drive the boat for a while. Kyra refused. 
As it was the last two nights, the sunset was gorgeous.  It was a little harder to shoot from a moving boat, so yay for digital cameras!  I may have to start stalking the sunset at home.
The weather is uncertain for tomorrow.  Kyle and I talked about heading down to the bay to watch the storms roll in. Or we may go in search of Door County's best ice cream.  All I know is that if there is any sun, Kyle is keeping his tshirt on.  That skin that never saw the sun throughout baseball season is hurting a bit.

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