Monday, July 11, 2011

Oh, the humanity!

Those of you with weak constitutions may want to look away.
The carnage is massive. 
As my father would say, "Six dead, nobody hurt."

Yes, that is the headless torso of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  Look closely and you'll see a light saber.  Perhaps that's how the turtle became a headless torso.

My children rediscovered their Legos this week.  It's a million degrees out, with 150% humidity and we are all whiny and short-tempered.  So we started watching the Star Wars Trilogy (-ies).  Logically, we began with Return of the Jedi (Episode VI.)  That led to Attack of the Clones (Episode II, obviously ) which led to "Hey do you remember our Star Wars toys?"  Which in turn led to, "Let's get out the Lego bin."

Mind you, the Lego Bin is more like a small bathtub.  It holds 8-gallons of Legos and probably weighs at least 25 pounds.  Now, imagine with me the sound of 8 gallons of Legos being poured out onto the floor.  See Spongebob's legs, parts of Jango Fett's ship, Luke's Speeder, Indiana Jones' motorcycle, the Knight Bus from Harry Potter.  Remember the HOURS upon HOURS that you put into building these things that will NEVER again be the same. 

And then get over it, because really, what's more awesome than Lego people?

We spent more time than I care to admit sorting through the 8 gallons of Legos looking for body parts.  There was such joy when we found things like Luke's hair and Darth Vader's cape and the Emperor's head (who knew that the two K's would remember which specific head belonged to the Emporer?)  We nearly had a tragedy when we couldn't find Obi-Wan's hair.  Imagine that being lost in an 8-gallon tub of tiny little plastic pieces.
They have spent the last two days just playing with Lego guys, setting up elaborate scenes and taking pictures.    I am having one of those triumphant moments where I am grateful for my pack-rat tendencies.

And just in case you were worried that Indy's hat there might not have found the rest of his body, Keebles just came up the stairs, quite pleased with herself.  I am happy to report that Lego Indiana Jones is once again whole.

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  1. Girl. we don't have a Lego bin. We have a Lego ROOM. No. lie. I'm honestly guessing that my boy has WELL over 10,000 pieces; I lost count years ago. Lego Star Wars. Lego Harry Potter. Lego Avatar. Lego Spongebob. Lego Space Police. Lego Indiana Jones. Lego Egypt. Lego Ninjago. Lego Creator. Lego Mindstorms. and now, Lego Aliens. oh joy. Nothing quite compares to stepping on a stray Lego piece barefooted in the middle of the night. Am I right? At least in middle school, there's a Lego building team, which transitions into the Robotics team in high school. I'm hoping that the enormous amount of $$$ spent on plastic building pieces will someday translate into a high-paying engineering job. Or not. Whatever. When it's a million degrees outside and your lungs fill with water when you try to breathe the humid air, Legos DO rock....

  2. Those Lego Aliens are tempting...
    And yes, Legos do rock. Especially when the weather doesn't.