Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rust (I really need to replace my front railing.)

My macro lens is about the closest thing that I am going to get to a stereo microscope at this point in time of my life, so that's kind of how I am using it.
I LOVE the detail that I am able to see with this lens plus macro kit, even if it is the rust on my front porch railing.
When I was in college, taking Genetics, we used to use those stereo microscopes to look at fruit flies and figure out if they were boys or girls, and what their eye color was.
And then I'd get all distracted by my ring and want to look at it under the scope. Sparkly!
Or maybe it was my ball point pen. It was fascinating to be able to see the way that the ink beaded up on that tiny little ball.
Or, I'd start looking at my fingers and fingernails and realize how badly I needed a manicure, or maybe just some lotion.
And then my fruit flies would start to wake up from their short ether-induced nap and I'd have to start counting all over again.
My point is, the world is FULL of things that we miss with the naked eye, either because they are too big to take in, too small to take in, or maybe moving to fast to take in. I love photography because it allows me to really see and appreciate these things.
I love the idea of permanently capturing that split-second that will never exist again and studying it: the lightning strike, the dust coming off of my son's batting gloves, the glow of the sun in my daughter's hair, the rust on the front porch.
Is it any wonder that my husband thinks I am nuts?

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