Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Favorite February Face

Because I can't resist, I like to enter photo challenges. I know I still have lots to learn, but I'm having fun.
Any-who, I Heart Faces hosts a weekly challenge and this week's challenge is: Your favorite face from February. As I looked back through my February photos, I realized I hadn't taken many face-shots (note to self, work on that in March.) But then I ran across this gem and was quite pleased.
This was taken on the day Snowmageddon, Snowzilla, Snowpocalypse, Snownado, whatever you want to call it. My husband and son had been out shoveling (we don't believe in snowblowers...we have kids!) and when they came in, they were just covered in snow. I rushed to get the camera and even used the dreaded flash in order to capture the snowflakes on my son's eyelashes before they melted. The bonus was the genuine smile on his face, something that is rarely seen on an 11-year old boy!
I converted this to black and white to minimize the distraction of the purple coat behind KJ. I lost a little of the rosiness in the cheeks that way, but the smile and his eyes are what I was really after.
Think he'll always enjoy shoveling snow?

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