Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fun with Bokeh

Bokeh. What the heck is that? When I first started this photography obsession, I was clueless (and I still am in many ways.) But I know I love bokeh. Bokeh refers to those out of focus points of light in the background of your photos. Bokeh is the reason I had my monstrous garage sale so I could afford my 50mm/f 1.4 lens with a really shallow depth of field. Bokeh makes me happy.
So, what better time of year to get awesome, out-of-focus points of light than at Christmas? Christmas trees are perfect for this. I walked around my tree, taking more photos than I care to admit of ornaments, so that I could get some awesome bokeh.
And you know what makes this bokeh even better? The creative aperture kit along with my Lensbaby. My aperture opening is in the shape of a star, so rather than having out-of-focus circles, I get stars everywhere. Stars! I especially love the stars on the silver ornament on the right.
I still struggle a bit with the focus on the lensbaby 2.0. But I have stars!
I'm a simple girl, really.

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