Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 5: On to Boston

I could not leave Gettysburg without seeing where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address. We decided to stop by the Soldier's National Cemetery before leaving town and the 15-minute excursion turned into almost an hour.  But no one complained.  This giant monument sits at the spot where Lincoln gave the address (which was met with very mixed reaction.  I find it beautiful and eloquent, and while some find the brevity offensive, it was probably welcome since the guy who spoke before Lincoln went on for two hours.)

The Union Soldiers are buried in rings that surround the monument.  They are arranged by state.  New York and Pennsylvania had the most casualties.  Illinois only has 6 men buried here.  The section shown below is one of three "unknown" areas. 

Seen in the background below is the monument to President Lincoln.  On the left is the script of the invitation to speak at the dedication of the cemetery.  On the right is the text of The Gettysburg Address.

After the somber visit to the cemetery, we got on the road for the long drive to Boston.  Do you ever get the feeling that Siri likes to mess with you when it comes to driving directions?  Holy cats, the route we took was crazy.  Jason had a ball driving the Saw Mill Parkway though NY.  He said it was like Mario Kart.  As for me, I wore a hole in the floor mat pressing my imaginary brakes.

I was totally amused by the fact that the Massachusetts turnpike signs have Pilgrim hats on them.

We finally arrived at our hotel about 7:45.  We needed to eat, but decided to explore the neighborhood.  Fenway is only about  a block and a half from our hotel.

As we were walking around Fenway, enjoying the complete lack of crowd, we discovered a restaurant/bar called the Bleacher Bar.  (Explanation below.)  You can actually sit there, eat and look out onto the the diamond from center field.  It was pretty damn awesome.

After that, we were all exhausted.  It was a good day.  

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