Monday, January 23, 2012

By the Book

I swear that my kids take after their dad and had I not given birth to them, I wouldn't think that they were mine too.
There is one way in which Keebles is like me. She is a voracious reader. When I was her age (4th grade,) I had just discovered Nancy Drew. I tried to get her to read Nancy Drew, but after a failed AR test, she refuses to read any more of them (I will bite my tongue about that.) Now, she's working her way through the Harry Potter Series. She just finished Order of the Phoenix yesterday and was quite annoyed that I was attempting to take a picture of her as she read.
It's good to be the mom.

Photo Challenge Submission
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  1. A very beautiful capture!
    thanks for showing!

    hugs wendy

  2. great shot! i just posted a pic of my daughter with a harry book too...but not one of the originals. she is fanatical about hp...has read the entire series 7 or 8 times!