Sunday, November 6, 2011

I am thankful for traditions

I am trying really hard to write more this month. I want to focus on the things that I am grateful for. As irreverent as I can be, I do realize that I am surrounded by many wonderful
people and things.
Yesterday, I packaged up the dress that Keebles wore for her baptism back in 2002. I sent it to my sister so that her daughter can wear it for her baptism his month. And I cried.
Sentimental things kill me. I hate to cry, but show me a Kodak commercial about kids growing up and I turn into a sniffling mess. Show me a wedding, of the friends- or soap-opera-type, and I am a weeping wreck. If I read a story about one person sacrificing for the good of others, and I am a blubbering boob. Don't you dare do something kind for me, or I will completely lose it. Yeah, I'm weird.
Back to the dress. My niece will wear it this year. My daughter wore it in 2002. My sister wore it in 1977. I wore it in 1974. My mother wore it in 1951. It is this beautiful, ivory 4-piece affair. I imagine what my grandmother was thinking when she picked it out for my mother, her only daughter. Apparently she didn't like the length of the overcoat, and had it cut shorter than the dress. (See photo.). But, my Gram was like that. She liked things done her way.
I am grateful for this tradition that ties the women in my family together. Even if it made me cry a little.


  1. What a beautiful outfit Shan, your sister is a lucky person to have someone like you... and so am I, I am thankful for you dear friend, you have no idea how much I needed you to walk into my life!!! And I am so glad you did!

  2. Yes - I agree with Lorelie - you are pretty wonderful. Do you have pictures of all of you in the dress? As soon as Bronwyn gets baptized, you should do another post with those pics!

  3. I have Kyra's photo. Mom thinks she has pictures of me and Court, but not one of her. She's going to dig through all of Toots' photos just to double check.