Sunday, July 25, 2010

Photoshop Failure

So, I downloaded the free 30-day trial of Photoshop. And I kind of hated it until I allowed myself to download some free actions. Dangerous, very dangerous.
I started with this photo of me and my lovely, wonderful, beautiful sister and tried to make us look even better. It's a cute picture of the two of us, taken on a weekend that we spent in the Windy City.
Allow me to rephrase. It WAS a cute picture of the two of us. I have managed to make her look cute and me look like some sort of circus freak.
I started out by using an eye brightener. All of the cool kids are doing it. Then I ran a Pioneer Woman Action called "Lovely and Ethereal." And we were lovely and ethereal.
Could I leave well-enough alone? Is the Pope Methodist? Does the Bear crap on a toilet? I had to try Pioneer Woman's "Vintage" action. While I sat here and waited for it to work its magic, I kept imagining how amazingly awesome and old-fashioned it was going to look. Like, "Frame it and hang it on the wall" awesome.
And then this showed up on my screen, and I nearly busted a gut laughing. It would seem the Vintage Action looks great on pretty, fair skin like my sister has. Not so much on my more tanned face. And boy, so those brightened eyes of mine stand out. Freaskshow!!
Oh well, at least my teeth are pretty and white!
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  1. Wow. It does highlight your pearly whites. Who knew your skin could look that alien?!

  2. But I don't know how to undo yet. Photoshop is uber-complicated.