Monday, June 7, 2010

Red Boots

My husband's grandmother is an absolutely awesome lady with a style all her own. She loves sequins and costume jewelry and bright, vibrant colors. She loves ornate lampshades and antique glass and everything QVC. She recently had this fantastic idea: she wants my daughter to have some professional photos taken in some of her fancy clothes. Grandma gave us a stack of hat boxes almost 4 feet high, containing some real gems, including a hat from the 20's and a full-length sequined dress. But, by far, my favorite item that has been added to my daughter's dress-up bin has to be these red boots. Grandma used to wear these boots to her Red Hat Society meetings. Can you stand it? A 70+ year-old-woman in these red boots?
This makes me smile and gives me hope. When I am an old woman, I too will wear purple and red and frankly, whatever the hell I want. Because, really. Why shouldn't we wear what makes us feel fun and fabulous?
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